Slime after Slime!  

A small game made for the 6th Winter Game Jam at the AAU in Klagenfurt within 48h for the theme "..., but at what cost?".

This game is a 2D top-down-shooter where you kill slime after slime and choose abilities that gives you bonus, but at what cost?

We are on earth in the near future, where suddenly slimes start falling from the sky! You find yourself in the middle of a forest with just a handgun and a biohazard-suite left, and everywhere slimes are crawling towards you. It seems, that every slime you kill, there will be more than before. You can only keep yourself sane by thinking of reaching your loved one before the slimes get there. You have to fight your way through the forest and reach the power plant. After you cleared your way through, you have to finally get to the spaceship, where, hopefully, your loved will be waiting for you. 

How to Play

  • Keyboard
    • WASD or arrow keys to move
    • Mouse-click to shoot
    • R to reload



  • Music by Christopher Hribar
  • Sound-effects by various people on
    • Slimes:
      artisticdude,, rubberduck, qubodup, RandomUser, Amarikah, will_leamon
    • Weapons:
      Gary, Mike,Koenig (Soundbible), Michael Klier, LFA, Michel Baradari, KuraiWolf, SpringySpringo, zer0_sol, KonitaTutorials
    • Player/Misc:
      leohpaz, artisticdude, congusbongus, Almitory
  • Tilemap by Kenney on


  • v1.0 - 11.12..2022 - Game Jam Release


Download 40 MB
Download 40 MB
Soundtrack_SlimeAfterSlime.mp3 21 MB


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Awesome Job!!!


guys you did a fantastic job in that short timeframe! Respect! 😄👍🏼

Thanks for playing our game!